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        News — Tennis clothes


        Carpie Sport Socks

        Sports socks are specially designed to be extra durable, reduce friction and vibrations and provide more support and stability.

        A fairly important factor with sports socks is that moisture is efficiently transported away from the feet, which means that your feet keep you dry and fresh. This also means that you reduce the risk of suffering from painful discomfort on the feet, such as blisters and abrasions. 

        Our sportsocks is made of a Dryarn® mix for higher breathability and moist transportation.

        Our sports socks are tried and tested to give you the most comfortable training moment you can imagine. They are suitable for almost all sports, such as paddle socks, tennis socks and as gym socks. See more here and order:

        Carpie Sport Socks

        P.S. 30 degrees machine wash, do not iron, do not tumble dry for better fit and longer lifetime :-)



        We are happy to announce that we have just initiated a partnership with our friends at Quintessentially. Now members of Quintessentially can enjoy great benefits from Carpie Stockholm! 

        About Quintessentially:

        More than just a luxury concierge service, we have built a 360-degree lifestyle offering dictated by the needs and wants of our members. In addition to providing bespoke access and day-to-day assistance, we have teams in place to manage everything from Travel to Education to Art to Weddings to Wine. These in-house experts help take care of every aspect of our members’ lives, ensuring they’re engaged and experiencing the absolute best the world has to offer.

        More about the partnership: 

        We know that Quintessentially members have high demands. We therefore feel honored to be able to offer our high quality padelskirts, padeldresses and our sportswear for women at a discounted price to their members. See an example of one of our garments, an exclusive paddle dress, the Iconic PX Jersey Dress:

        Iconic PX Jersey Dress